2021 theme & topics
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PREVIOUS Yearbook Writing Schedule

2019 the General Theme and Geographical area: 



General Theme:  Touchdown: The Church Universal tackling injustices through Education and Empowerment


Geographical Theme:  Haiti


We are preparing for our 2019 PME Year book and Study Guide.  We need study lessons, litanies, poems, prayers, and skits all centered around the General Theme and/or Geographical Theme.


The Deadline for submission is April 2020

You may mail, fax or (preferably) email your content to This enables us to meet our deadline which was determined by the Connection.

Please DO NOT send articles directly to the Connection.  Your submissions must be REVIEWED and EDITED FIRST


Feel free to get ideas from the "Current Writing Topics for District Leaders". These are topics that are already being researched by our District PME Directors.


Thank you! 

I look forward to receiving your study lessons, poems, prayers, litanies, and or skits.