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Friend, around the world, every day, children are threatened by all kinds of violence. Abuse. Exploitation. Trafficking. But as Congress begins a new session, you can ask them to put protecting all children at the top of their "to do" list.

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With the support of people like you, the U.S. government is already working with World Vision to strengthen programs to fight child labor, prevent trafficking, and aid children fleeing conflict.

In 2015, world leaders made a bold commitment to end all forms of violence against children by 2030. It is possible, but we need a strategy and we must work together. 

Send a pre-written email to your members of Congress using our simple form that you can edit. Ask them to step up and lead in ending all forms of violence against children worldwide. Together, let's speak out for the children that Jesus loves — and help them reach their full potential.

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He will rescue them from oppression and violence, for precious is their blood in his sight.

-Psalm 72:14 (NIV)


AME Voter Alert  (V-ALERT)
CONTACT:  Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker


The African Methodist Episcopal Church is calling for all of its local congregations in the United States to make voter engagement a priority once again.  In 2016, under the leadership of the Connectional Lay Organization, a majority of the AME Church's components, organizations, and ministries are re-committing to the very principles that led to its founding in 1787 and its incorporation in 1816.  As stated in a powerful letter from the bishops of the church, "Your Council of Bishops speaks in a unified voice challenging you to become engaged, to catch the vision, and to move forward in the fulfilling of the dream of a better tomorrow."
In challenging its members to take action, the Bishops' Council continues, "If you have not already created your own action plan, please utilize this toolkit from the AME V-Alert ( website. On the website you can share your events and outcomes with us. Let our voices be the voices of the voiceless. Let us use our talents, our resources and our time to insure justice to all while others ponder political correctness."
The AME V-Alert website has a smorgasbord of resources, links to partners, toolkit for advocacy and education, and worship materials.  Its use is not limited to the church, but can be used by community coalitions, neighborhood block clubs, and interested individuals. The AME V-Alert Team is prepared for rapid response and connection to experts when incidents of voter disenfranchisement , voter registration challenges, voting day poll locations, etc are reported.

Partners include the African American Ministers Leadership Council (PFAW), Freedom Sunday Coalition, NAACP, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund.  
For more information and to connect with the AME V-Alert Movement, go to

2017 Offering of Letters


This is an important year for Congress to hear from constituents like you. Sixty seconds is all it takes to learn about the 2017 Offering of Letters: Doing Our Part to End Hunger campaign and how you can advocate for vital anti-hunger programs with your members of Congress. 

Watch the 60-second video below to hear about this year's Offering of Letters. Then share it with your family, your friends, or your church on Facebook and 


We can end hunger by 2030. Will you do your part? 







LaVida Davis 
Director of Organizing and Grassroots Capacity Building, Bread for the World

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