Elvrie Douglas, Canada Conference PME Director

Grant Memorial A.M.E. Church - Toronto Canada

Phone 647-784-8413, youliem@yahoo.com

The Canadian Conference

Mission Work


WMS Canadian Conference President

Cherise N. Lewis

The Word Incorporated AME Church


Office 416-720-2770 / 647-424-4172


Secretary ~ Patience Muyambo

Grant AME Church patience.muyambo@gmail.com

Contact ~ 647-709-4096


Corresponding Secretary

Cecelia Lucas

Robinson AME Church


Contact 514-775-6972


1st Vice President

Natalie Harrow

The Word Incorporated AME natalie_harrow@yahoo.ca

Contact 647-949-6637


2nd Vice President

Blanca Rodriguez

The Word Incorporated AME blancarodriguezmendoza@gmail.com

Contact 416-986-0284


3rd Vice President

Nekisha Blair 

The Word Incorporated AME nbih12@gmail.com   

Contact 647-281-2955


Worship Director

Lenore Ralph 

Robinson AME Church lenoreralph5gmail.com 

Contact 514-639-9034


YPD Director

Veronica Williams 

Grant AME Church williamsdalrymple@yahoo.com

Contact 647-526-7476



Ishea Neverson


Contact 438-722-3648


Member at Large

Lindiwe Sithole 

Tanner Price AME sakhilesitho@yahoo.co.uk

Contact 519- 903-7595

Exec Board 2016

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